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Often teachers are the ones that spend the most time with our students and have a direct impact on what kids view and help shape their future to the next scholastic level. Yet, not being giving the proper recognition they rightfully deserve. During TAW will be provided an outlet for teachers in the greater Houston area to network, celebrate, and be acknowledge for all the hard work they have provided for this past school year. ​

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Reading with A Rapper (RWAR) was created to relate ELA academics with socially conscious lyrics and video content. Through this platform we can relate and uplift our youth socially and academically to skills necessary to thrive in Primary-Secondary School and Collegiate Level courses. 

Students in the Greater Houston and surrounding areas join us service and world-class entertainment. We are aiming to host a series of events that not only continue to place emphasis on scholastic achievement, but also act as a reward recognizing the graduating class for reaching a milestone as they prepare to embark on the next journey in their young lives

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